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A pair of good shoes, can take you to every beautiful place

A pair of high heels can make the body a better proportion, a under armour shoes pair of flat shoes can let you walk comfortable all day. But a combination of their two kinds of advantages of the shoes, is the side heels. Ms. Coco Chanel once said that 5cm is the most elegant height of a woman's heel. Whether it is travel or dinner, this height can cope. Beige close to the skin color of the shoe body and pointed design in the visual elongated leg lines, followed by only a strap fixed design simple and generous, this small incense side heel shoes is the heel classic shoes, star fashion up to people Do not have to say more about it.

One of the reasons for the pursuit of heel shoes is also its simple design, only one tape at the instep will be cumbersome, wear more elegant, suitable for the workplace light wind. Taking advantage of early autumn, this pair of shoes can also wear Oh ~ a pair of black word with the side with, with solid color short T and high waist straight pants, build slender legs, simple color more prominent generous. One of the rules to create a fashionable generous is the simple color of a single product fusion, pure red vest + blue denim skirt + nude color with + brown bag, no color of the excess, walking youthful atmosphere ~

When the side with the fire this year, the combination of elements together, fashionable degree continues to rise, even more put it down. Autumn strap shoes, which are several straps shoes, certainly can not miss! The most suitable for banding shoes is undoubtedly a short skirt, strap tied to the length of the leg does not exceed 15cm, very long legs long. Whether it is accompanied by dark denim skirt, or coupled with red half skirt, are unable to suppress your beauty ~ ankle on the word buckle, not only will look more elegant for the little girl for the feet, The Pointed design is naturally highlighted women's elegant ladies temperament, whether it is work or dating are very suitable.

Black is a square with a pointed sandals popular color, with a small suit is very capable. As for the need to reveal the toes or do not reveal the toes to see your preferences. If it is such a competent gray suit, in addition to the black shoes can choose, so a pair of blue and blue pointed side with, but also look high fashion. All year round can wear a single shoes, naturally not less. Side with a single shoes that can be delicate, but also handsome. A variety of styles can better meet people of different ages.

This sports pants and side heel mix and match, very different. Mixed out of the tidal taste, if you are not an ordinary way to go the girl, you can try yo ~