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Bursts of pointed shoes! Wear out domineering full king Fan ~

Pointed shoes more Europe and the United States Fan, toe slim, heel fine tip, beautiful curve ~ Western style pointed shoes ah is the most love of the workplace women! Want to domineering Queen Fan children, girl, to a pair of pointed shoes it! Then the first to grasp the pointed shoes should be how to take ~ pink pointed shoes more lively youth ~ with dark blue embroidered skirt, the color of the shirt tied in the skirt, that is, leisure and temperament! Workplace girls, if you do not like all day black and white tones, may wish to come to such a dress, give yourself a youthful atmosphere ~ deep pink flat shoes with a color of the same piece of lattice dress, will be more girl atmosphere, youth Also with a point of elegant and charming temperament. Flat leather shoes are not so exaggerated Europe and the United States

Black translucent wave point skirt with ice blue pointed shoes ~ upper body with a slight small sexy, and ice blue has brought a refreshing summer feeling. Mix and match elements, perfect street shoot. Silver shiny pointed shoes! Is placed in the glass cupboard inside the most beautiful eyes that a passing woman can not help but look at it here. Sexy tip called the fashion industry forever darling ~ elegant arc, shiny colors, cheap under armour elegant and elegant. Europe and the United States style, the atmosphere of the wine red upper, with the black fine with the high with the ~ This shoe is very personal, there are breathable inside, the curvature of the heel elegant sexy ~ soles are natural under armour discount rubber, so that this shoe Wearing on the feet is very comfortable. Pure black high heels, women are like a ~ pointed with a tie, so that your feet more elegant. 6-11 cm heel, according to their height and comfort to choose heel height. Insoles are sheepskin fabric, so that high heels walking is not tired under armour shoes feet. Brown OL wind revealed the ladies taste ~ elegant, charming, feminine. And its word buckle design, so that your ankle more slender ~ PU material, composite soles, the spring of 2017 new ~ quickly embarked on the forefront of fashion it.

Pointed shoes shape is very simple design ~ but it is the leather surface is bright leather, eight colors can choose Oh! Sweet wind, Europe and the United States Fan children, commuter, can be achieved through the color change. Pointed shoes and other pointed shoes are not the same Oh ~ it is not a single color pure, but stitching the sky blue embroidery, sexy highlights the temperament, the particles of the anti-skid bottom more comfortable! Walking very stable ~ not easy to slip to the oh ~

Pointed shoes are thick with the heel is not fine with, do not wear high heels girl can choose rough with the. Black suede texture is very strong Oh ~ with a small jeans, or loose trousers, very office wind yo ~ pointed shoes heel is very short ~ This is a slight increase in a shoe. Leather is a leather suede, buckle is a word buckle design, the word buckle ring your ankle, make your feet more sweet ~ it is the color is very comfortable to see people, while very wild One