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Dress just bought, just a pair of temperament shoes!

When the warm again, buy buy the mood to buy the most difficult ~ finally can gradually take off the thick sweater coat, with the weather warming, shopping cart and received the courier in the dress more and more It ~ ~ a winter hide a good body finally get a good opportunity to show friends ~ but with the United States and the United States after the dress, the trouble also came to wear what shoes with a skirt ah? Always can not always wear sports shoes bar tendon at the end of the shoes wearing comfort is really no words ~ and pointed shoes can highlight the temperament of the sister paper ~ ~ Although it is simple design but with the toe of the big bow is also very Fashion it ~ has always been nothing more than shining more attractive to the eyes of my sister friends ~ this shoe's shoes are decorated with square hollow diamond Oh ~ both shiny and not too complicated cumbersome it ~

Shoes color super ah ~ and each color are super nice! The new design to improve the heel of the interface position it ~ sister paper do not have to worry about worn their own fragile heel ~ shoes are simple and elegant it ~ look very comfortable ~ and the big shoe code also have ~ sister paper are Can find their own shoe code Oh ~ and flat shoes wearing the most comfortable friends ~ Super ladies elegant one of the shoes ~ put on a transfiguration retro small lady friends ~ exposed socks look better Oh ~ soles are also intimate anti-skid particles , Rainy days are not afraid of friends ~ it is said to massage the soles of the feet Oh ~ Come and see this double college wind flat shoes ~ double latex pad design people do not doubt its comfort ~ British wind simple and generous design is also The most classic under armour womens shoes under armour discount fashion Oh ~ solid color of the shoes are also super-temperament ~ wearing a straight lengthening the legs of the legs of the shoes can even show the big brother of the long legs of the bar ~ and the lattice design also point Little charming ~

High heels finally appeared! In addition to the classic black, there are small fresh green and apricot Oh ~ a cool and gentle, are super-beautiful ~ pointed, thick and with a word buckle more with Oh ~ selected cashmere upper ~ even if not Small heart as long as a light brush can easily become clean Oh ~ rubber shoes at the end of the shoe is not only more comfortable and comfortable Oh ~ the whole pair of shoes look soft and stylish it ~ British style shoes are small shoes and shoes are also handsome chic ~ Overall simple and generous, the design of the mouth is the whole pair of shoes bright spot ~ ruthless brush a sense of fashion Oh ~ several colors are very elegant it ~ spring of the most one hundred single shoes ~ solid color fashion and wild Oh ~ Is the rubber soles, folding are no pressure ~ and is the bottom of it, wearing and girlfriends can also live to live it ~