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High canvas shoes shoelaces with how to match

One of the great benefits of this method is that you can tie the shoes very tight, but also easy to loose. But it is suitable for high-heeled shoes can be the most simple and practical method, just a shoelace at the bottom of the shoe hole to play a knot, and the other head from the opposite shoe hole into the lace "the word" Type to the top, and will be a loose stuff into the shoes.

Zipper method zipper method is very beautiful and beautiful, but it is difficult to operate! After all, the beauty of the heart to come, the block also can not stop, teach you to take the shoes from the bottom straight through, under armour womens shoes and from the bottom of each shoe piercing, shoes head in the upper back into a back Circle, two shoes head cross each other, and then wear out from below to the next row of shoes hole. Repeat this process until both heads go to the top of the shoe hole and you're done.

The lattice method is also a good method of law, but it is also more difficult to practice, especially in the operation to practice repeatedly, you need to wear the shoes from the bottom of the bottom straight and from the bottom of each shoe piercing , Jumped two rows of shoes, crossed into the fourth row of shoes after the hole, and then shovel the two vertical down a row of shoes from the hole to wear two rows of shoes. Repeat the second and third steps, penetrate the fifth row of shoes hole, and then vertical down from the third row of shoes piercing out, and finally from the top of the shoe hole piercing even if completed!

High canvas shoes how to match: 1, high canvas shoes + curling jeans

Although canvas shoes with jeans is the eternal truth, but the high canvas shoes with jeans when there are many details to pay attention. The appropriate side of the jeans rolled up, will be more casual and trendy, while the best choice for tight-fitting jeans, in order to better bloom your foot style!

2, high canvas shoes + tie shoes pants

This set of wear is a little girl's favorite, sports pants sports wind and canvas shoes casual wind together with the interpretation of the MM's youthful vitality, so wear, playground ball net that side by TA candid sister is you!

3, high canvas shoes + pencil jeans

Choose a sagging good self-cultivation pencil jeans with your high canvas shoes, then you do not need a coat how luxurious, simply wear a pattern T-shirt, bones that a pure and lovely out.

4, high to help canvas shoes + pantyhose

Pantyhose is a very wild single product, both make you thin, but also allows you to wear women's beauty. Trousers with high to help canvas shoes have a small public cousin children, you wear this body in front of TA, that affectionate kiss also need to use it Well!