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Know that you can not wear high heels, rough heels to save you

I believe that many sister paper has the same trouble with cheap under armour Xiaobian, once put on high heels always feel the center of gravity instability, if it is wearing a day down feeling their feet are not their own, but the beauty of the heart is always unable to bear, but also want to have high Of the good body, this time you should forget an important single product, that is, coarse heels. It gather the characteristics of ordinary high heels fashion, more importantly, even if you wear a whole day is also no pain, all kinds of clothes is also free to match, such as Xiao Bian such a sister paper is really a great gospel. Spring, it is time to give your shoe also bought such a pair of coarse heels

High-heeled shoes selected high-quality PU leather, not only soft and durable, but also very easy to care, with retro style buckle decoration, especially personality, soles are used natural rubber at the end, soft and comfortable, absolutely do under armour discount not worry will slip Down Oh! Pure white color, special wild, uppers of the metal buckle design, very stylish, very British college wind feeling, with a bell-shaped pants are very long legs Oh! Faint pink square head shoes, under armour shoes the main material using fine leather surface design, line sense is very smooth, heel is a strong gold with the design of the rough, comfortable and not tired feet Oh! Soles of the bar rubber sole, walking more comfortable Oh! Dark green upper is the most popular colors this year, very retro feeling, you can also elegant in the workplace can wear high heels, green belt buckle is the whole pair of shoes, the crowning touch, especially fashion sense, soft Of the material inside, do not have to worry about grinding feet yo!

Rough heel shoes with suede material production, texture clear, 6cm thick with the perfect fit the foot curve of the design, both comfortable and tired feet Oh! Belt buckle design, easy to wear off, you can count on the feet of small sister paper savior, fashion is also excellent Oh! Pink velvet material of the upper, especially in line with the theme of spring, bow design is very fashionable cute, lovely Fan girls must