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Student party love to wear shoes are under armour discount here, nice not

The weather was warm, and only take a short section of the road is a sweat, but also to their own clothes for the season. In addition to clothes, we can not forget the shoes ah, with fluffy shoes can be put into the shoe. So the question is coming, what kind of shoes does the student party fit? First of all, the heel must not be too high, and secondly, shoes to have fashion personality, the same, comfortable foot is not one of the conditions. As for the price, of course, the more expensive the better friends. As a student of you, it is hard to count on Xiaobian recommend you high heels not? Even if you buy, do not wear in school ah, OK, under armour womens shoes or peace of mind to wear flat shoes it. Flat shoes how good, wearing comfortable feet uncomfortable feet, happy up and jumping a few times are not a problem, not to mention the style of flat shoes is still a lot of week is not a problem is not a problem.

A pair of small white shoes, wild artifact ah, wear it can be fresh, can be literary and artistic, can be sweet, can college, anyway, as you ride, how to wear how nice. The girl who walks the route can choose this pair of shoes, the shoes are shallow mouth style, worn on the feet to reveal the instep, ankle also designed out of the lace, camel tied at the ankle, can highlight the color, Obvious white Oh Very simple pair of shallow mouth shoes, modeling is very cute, it seems Meng Meng da, wear on the feet is also very beautiful yet Shoe is a mixed color design, consistent with the color at the same time there is a sense of color gradient, very fine pair of shoes. Domineering pair of patent leather shoes, upper glossy feel good to be reflective, very bright, it is very texture Oh This pair of shoes in the British style is very obvious, the girls wear it is handsome. High heels can not wear, we can wear heels, horseshoe heel, slope with, loose shoes and excellent coverage of the inside of the increase, are belong to the heel of a kind, wear in the feet instantly increased 5 cm! (Wear loose cake and the band with the increase in the girls laugh without a word ~ ??~)

Compared with the flat shoes, heels in the foot with the comfort of the foot is certainly less than flat shoes, but can increase ah, wearing his feet immediately feel 1 meter 8, waist are more straight it! This is a pair of both the cake and the inside of the increased shoes, increase the effect is significant, is the little girl's gospel. Because it is loose cake of the shoes, so wear on the feet or very comfortable. This year is a very popular pair of shoes, that is, Lok Fu shoes, and under armour shoes still the patent leather of the upper, good gloss, look good texture of the shoes. This pair of shoes is flat design, with a retro atmosphere, wearing a pair of shoes in the temperament of temperament. This is a pair of very sweet shoes, pink tone, looking and pure and tender, and pink shoes to wear feet also appears to be very white feet it. There is a tunic on the upper rope bow, very small one, sweet at the same time is not an exaggeration, the girl full of a pair of shoes.