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Twelve constellations are more suitable for managing the top three high heels!

High heels, sexy sultry typical objects, each girl will have a pair of their own high heels, it is not necessarily the most beautiful, or most eye-catching, but it must be the most comfortable, the most suitable for their own. Each constellation of girls have a pair of exclusive high heels, but not necessarily suitable for high heels, flat shoes to reflect their charm, and these constellations of the girls can be high heels to control a different style. Scorpio women passionate and unrestrained, dare to love hate, the body is more sexy hot, even if the height of the general, but also absolutely convex, their love of high heels just love to bones, from time to time wonder how the world will be so mysterious and elegant , Beautiful and noble things, put it after the ugly duckling will immediately become a swan, and already full of feminine Scorpio women in the high heels will be more posture after graceful, eye-catching. Stitching high heels and other flirtatious bitch is not the same, very fashionable, nude color high heels is also a very high effect, black and nude color splicing classic, simple version of the type of girls look more refined and elegant.

Like high heels, but fear of under armour sale turning the little fairies who may wish to wear from the rough, this shoe design when the moment is more popular retro style, pearl inlaid sweet, like the dream of the crystal shoes, pink Slim slowly girl heart. Taurus women are not particularly tall, but they are very fond of their own and envy the tall and slender girls, because they think that only such tall figure can improve the control of all kinds of clothes, wear clothing clothes gas field, therefore, height is not enough, High heels to scrape together In addition to the cause of the cheap under armour Taurus Iron Lady type, in the mall high heels, especially to enhance their own gas field and temperament of the baby, so as long as not at home, Taurus women will wear high heels. For Taurus girls, the high point of the high heels will be more to attract their attention, this straps of high heels is very suitable for the design of the strap is not only the legs are fine, but also with a little sexy, summer is breathable. Simple section of the strap high heels is very fashionable, but also very wild, for girls, whether it is dress or with the shoes, the simple is the best, this shoe high heel range is very reasonable, not very tired Feet, with a metal strap design is very fashionable.

Dressed cute Pisces women also like to wear high heels, do not look like they usually wear flat with some more, it is due to the basic house at home reasons, rarely go out to participate in rallies, show yourself learning to dress up their own opportunities naturally not More, but do not forget that each Pisces have a lot of unknown side, especially the bones with some sexy and unrestrained elements, and high heels can enhance the feminine, how they may not love it! For the gentle and lovely Pisces girl, the pink high-heeled sandals will be more suitable, both to highlight the Pisces female good girl's character, but also show legs long, bow design is full of girls heart friends, heel design is Reasonable, not tired feet. Retro-style high heels simple and stylish, pink and pearl inlaid design, full screen of the girl heart, the word strap design is very stylish, exposed to the back of the design is very leg type, rough with the design even if it is not wearing high heels Little fairies can also try it.