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Wear shoes to long legs, shoes on the short length of the cut!

The dream of tall who want, but how difficult this round of dreams we all know, or who is willing to day and night pedal double hate days high, almost almost upright to stand up the same live to suffer, even if this is finally escape a stepping on the stilt Uncoordinated argument, and the long slender legs of the ideal slips almost a difference of thousands of miles, so the shoes really can not mess. A pair of shoes choose a good good for you to show the legs play a decisive role. Maybe you will say: it does not matter, I have clever beauty software allows me to transform big legs. If you have such optimism, then there is no need to turn down the whole. Less than 160 of the sister who have a common desire: hope that their body looks every moment is tall. Familiar with the high secret, of course, under armour discount know the high need to high waist pants, but in addition to visual effects, improve the altitude is also the shoes with the Oh

With a long legs of the pants also need to show legs long shoes to help out, so as to be able to make the final effect to the extreme. Close to the skin color of the bare pink and leg lines perfect fusion, with high-heeled and shallow mouth design, leg lines to maximize the extension. Bling bling splicing for the pure Mary Jane shoes to increase the gorgeous sense. Melancholy temperament so that the overall shape was a touch of sadness shrouded, feminine tenderness was set off a strong, like a hand without the power of the child's cheap under armour child-like love. Double-edged bow decorated with pointed toe, with a fine high-heeled elegance and sexy, feminine full. High heels heel does not have to be very high, can be appropriate to pull the legs can be, the whole person will appear tall. The sense of the silver bag wrapped in the back, and the spring full of bright green contrast. Diamond embellishment, gorgeous filling.

Reverse cashmere and bright dough compared to a little more introverted and mature, matte material but more high-end temperament. The tip of the toe is not only easy to deal with temperament to enhance the quality of the legs in the extension of the line also has a very prominent performance. From the candy blue to the wild color of the black, are worth the investment. And red shoes have the same purpose, with the recent hot gold Hao gold instead of red cover the inside of the shoe and the edge of the shoe, the sense of beauty is not cents cents cents. Although it is rough with no trace of rough feeling, beautiful curved lines so that should be heavy gloves look light and sexy. Three centimeters square rough with easy to control, but also be able to just right to pull the legs line. Two-color stitching to meet the popular season, in the color and level more spring atmosphere. Simple bowknot makeup out of a small woman taste, and sweet soft color coincide

Rose is a woman's color, beautiful and noble, such as roses tenderness to drop. Tip of the toe will be the charm of the lift to the vertex, with a thick and thin hair of the impact. With spring and summer light chiffon, hazy lace, very match. Return to the round of the classic, rounded lines can best reflect the ladies of the sweet atmosphere, and wearing a considerable comfort, no pressure on the toes. You can use cheap under armour it with a small rough with, add a little temperament more points, cattle patent leather shine, more suitable for work and some formal occasions to wear. There are many ways to design clothing, perspective is a particularly popular spring and summer, coat skirt favorite perspective, you usually pass through, but the perspective of the shoes you have not tried it. Black mesh reveals a faint flesh, so that your feet more ornamental, but also with the footsteps of walking, to attract his attention. A pair of very simple high heels, to meet a restless heart needs to be coupled with a pair of good shoes, in order to make your feet easy to wander. Good shoes standards, for a girl away from the Quartet, wear should be the first, followed by light and comfortable, of course, atmospheric fashion is a necessary condition, to get on the hall can afford the scene. You have all the fantasy for high heels, with such a beautiful shoe last line, as if the artist personally sketched, accompanied by pink and bright color, the release of romantic atmosphere, this pair of shoes are the most feminine you.