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You are not beautiful, as long as the foot to know

Is not beautiful, there are a lot of standards, this is not, the foot can also be used as a judge standard! So the question came, which kind of foot type rich beauty? Or look at the next foot type of classification it Different foot type shoes for different shoes. Most people do not know their feet, picking to their shoes will not cause foot pain, toe valgus and other issues, carefully understand their own foot type, easy to choose their own shoes Oh! Suitable shoes: Egyptian feet for shoes to wear a little bit of slim shoes, that is, oblique shoes, which can increase clothes and comfort. Foot type to see personality: Egyptian foot talented, with high literacy, clear attitude towards life. Roman foot-shaped features: the length of the under under armour discount armour outlet five toes almost equal length

With a few feet of the Roman foot, the Roman feet also known as square feet, this foot type of people do not particularly prominent toes, shoes can choose when the round head, square shoes. Foot type to see personality: Roman foot of the people good, shrewd, but very low-key. Greek foot is a under armour womens shoes high proportion of beautiful foot type, more interesting is the New York Liberty goddess, the Greek statues of the gods also belong to this foot type. The biggest feature of this foot is the second toe different, far more than the other four toe, the foot type of the most suitable pointed shoes, leading the fashion trend. Foot type to see personality: Greek foot people rich feelings, according to preferences and feelings to action, are action freedom.