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Your shoes, how little a pair of nice socks it

Hello ~ all the girls, white again to meet with you Oh ~ today to recommend to you is usually rarely mentioned socks Kazakhstan ~ white believe that many people will spend most of the mind to pick shoes, especially girls, But you spend so much time on the shoes, you have to consider how to match the socks to show the beauty of shoes it? In fact, the socks to wear, in order to give your shoes greatly add a little oh ~ very retro pile of piles, wild boots socks. Solid color design, and a lot of colors, simple yet generous. With a small boots is very art, very retro, very tide Oh ~ another pile of pile socks, socks are silver, so it will be significant different, Sen female Fan Oh, very small fresh, with a small Shoes, very tide is very tide ~ really is a personality of a socks ah, simple stripes, thick socks, double needle process, very tide design Oh ~ with black canvas shoes, very taste of Oh ~

There is a school style of a sock, comfortable pile of cotton pile, wild, there are 9 colors can choose their own, you can match with a different style of temperament, Western style Han Fan god must have a under armour discount very simple socks, socks Is the stripes of Oh, there are personality full of labels, will not let socks look too monotonous. Coupled with small white shoes, or canvas shoes are very good to see ~ a sports wind a socks, ah, to see if there is a feeling of want to play the sport, socks above not only stripes and letters as a modification, with Gao Bang The shoes are super tide. Super sexy a fishing net socks, a lot of stars are through the ~ whether it is a single wear or rendering, under armour shoes or with other socks sets of wear is very good, soft and flexible fabric and comfortable breathable, with small shoes, very personal Of ~